Auto Body Services

Custom Paint and Refinishing For Cars of Any Age and Circumstance

A custom paint job can often transform even the most economic of vehicles into an impressive expression of personality. At Alps Auto Repair Inc, we offer custom paint services, refinishing of cars, and paint detailing for any vehicle. This includes matching shades for repair pieces as well as repainting the entirety of the auto. With state of the art application and quality paint and finishing products, our clients can rediscover the beauty of their vehicle.

Valet Service as a Customer Convenience

At Alps Auto Repair Inc, we understand that many of our clients are already stressed about the concerns of being without a vehicle while repair work is underway. For this reason, we also provide pick up and drop off including nearby Mimico Station, so that commuters can stay on schedule, even without a vehicle.

Aluminum Repair Work On Auto Body Services

Auto body repair work will often need to accommodate for a range of car models and ages. This can include aluminum repair for older vehicles that have incurred body damages. Work may include straightening dents or replacing rusted panels that are no longer functional. At Alps Auto Repair Inc, we can attend to the aluminum repair work that will get your car roadworthy again.

Auto Body Fiberglass Repairs

Many modern vehicles utilize carbon fiber and fiberglass in auto body construction. This can require skilled work for auto body fiberglass repairs which can match the weight and texture of the existing vehicle. At Alps Auto Repair Inc, our talented staff is able to handle this type of restoration with quality work and an eye for detail.

Car Frame Straightening Instead Of Total Loss

In many cases, a seemingly minor accident can still result in a total loss insurance claim. This happens most frequently when damages have been incurred to the frame of the vehicle. At Alps Auto Repair Inc, we are outfitted to attend to car frame straightening, which will get you back on the road with your familiar vehicle.

Evaluating Efficiency with a Computerized Diagnostic System

Many newer model cars are designed to allow for complete diagnostic testing through simple and effective procedures. The use of a computerized diagnostic system results in a simple hook-up to the main electronics of the vehicle, with a result of a comprehensive evaluation of overall function. Trouble areas can be quickly pinpointed, and the appropriate repairs can be enacted.

Mechanical Work and the Functional Automobile

While Alps Auto Repair Inc specializes in auto body repairs, we also attend to mechanical work that may come as a result of accident or basic damages from wear and tear. We can repair and replace engine and system parts to ensure that your vehicle not only looks brand new, but also functions optimally.

Steam Cleaning For Vehicles

Steam cleaning for the interior of a vehicle is a common way to breathe new life into upholstery. This effective method is also utilized for engine and interior cleaning, since it sanitizes surfaces and removes years of debris from mechanical parts. To freshen your vehicle both inside and out, steam cleaning for the engine and interior is a quick and quality solution.